WINNER of 2009 Indiana Companies to Watch

En'Urga Inc. is the industry leader in customized optical diagnostic equipment for the most challenging factory floor application. En'Urga Inc. has 15 years experience in optical diagnostics and research, serving many Fortune 50 companies and Federal Government agencies.

Our expertise in emission and absorption tomography in hostile environments enables measurement and control of varied processes in a wide array of industries. We install instruments suitable for the measurement of temperatures, gas concentrations, emissivity, and particulate characteristics for single phase and two phase reacting flows. En'Urga Inc. specializes in research, design, prototype development, customization, and calibration of optical diagnostic equipment for the factory floor.

En'Urga's products are used for

  • Nozzle Injector Testing - Particle size, Shape, spray velocity and spray pattern.
  • Flame Analysis -temperature, gas and particulate concentrations, and surface emissivity and
  • Temperature sensing in a wide range of industries.

En'Urga's first product is the ES series of Mid infrared Imaging Spectrometers developed for NASA. The ES series of mid infrared spectrometers are the world's fastest spectrometers with speeds up to 1300 Hz . In 2008, En'Urga introduced the VS series of Visible Spectrometers with speeds up to 20 KHz and higher. Imaging spectrometers obtain the full spectra from an event simultaneously. Therefore, unlike etalon based spectrometers, fast moving phenomena can be studied readily with the imaging spectrometers. Typically, these spectrometers are used to analyze flame and high temperature phenomena.

The ES series of Mid Infrared Spectrometers, VS series of Visible Spectrometers and Line Scan Cameras are marketed by Spectraline Inc.

En'Urga introduced the OP series of SETscan optical patternators for spray characterization. Optical patternators are used to look at the total surface area of drops in sprays and the volume fraction of nano-size particulate in two phase flows. The OP series SETScan optical patternator are used for quality audit and testing of nozzles in the aerospace, automotive, coating, and pharmaceutical companies. In particular, the audit of spray nozzles used in tablet pan coaters is our specialty. The OP series of patternators can look at sprays ranging from 1 inch to 10 inches in diameter, and is CFR-Part 11 complaint.

The latest spray characterization product from En'Urga Inc. is the AP series of angle patternators. The AP series of patternators obtain the angle of sprays in conformance with the SAE J2715 standards. The SAE J2715 standard bases the angle of spray from a nozzle on extinction measurements at two planes. The AP series of patternator will also provide the planar surface area density (assuming axi-symmetry) of the drops in addition to the angle of the sprays. En'Urga developed the SCIvel series of Statistical Image Correlation Velocimeters. SCIvel Velocimeters are used to obtain full flow field velocity in turbulent flames and sprays.

En'Urga has a full fledged research laboratory to perform fuel injector and coating nozzle testing, including spray pattern analysis, drop size estimation, high-speed imaging, and velocity measurements. We also perform emission/absorption spectroscopy and tomography to determine the local particulate volume fraction, gas species concentrations, and temperatures in a turbulent or laminar two phase reacting flow. En'Urga markets optical patternators and imaging spectrometers for fuel injectors, spray nozzles, and flame characterization. We also provide prototype development services for University and incubation stage companies.