The SPIvel Velocimeter (Statistical Pattern Imaging Velocimeter) offers a novel method of measuring velocities in sprays, flames, plumes, exhaust smoke, and particulate clouds. The velocimeter images the patterns found in turbulent flows at high speed and estimates full planar velocities based on the correlation between different segments of the images. US Patent number 8,134,703 B2.

  • Standalone software that can be used with any high speed camera
  • Provides mean X and Y velocity maps of the imaged plane
  • Inexpensive compared with other techniques such as PIV and PDA
  • Velocity measurements in sprays
  • Velocity measurements in turbulent flames
  • Velocity measurements of particulate clouds
  • Velocity measurements of exhaust smoke

The SPIvel velocimeter uses statistical correlation of a series of consecutive images to calculate the velocity of a spray or a moving particulate cloud. The pixels of an image are categorized by their intensity. Using statistical correlation pixels of the subsequent image are matched by their intensity to the previous image. The distance the pixel traveled is measured from the image and is scaled to the calibrated distance from the field of view. The time between consecutive images is known and the velocity of the spray or particulate cloud then can be calculated.

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