The SETXvue particulate flow meter measures the mass flow rate of solid particles in hopers and conveyor belts using X-Rays. The system is available in a variety of sizes to handle pipes of different dimension. The technology was developed by En’Urga Inc. and a patent application is on file with the USPTO.

  • Suitable for quality control under production levels and in factory environments
  • Very low user maintenance and minimal user training required
  • Provides the mass flux of solid particulates at an update rate of 30 Hz
  • Measures the mass flow rate of smoothly flowing and sticky powders accurately
  • Mass flux measurement of ingredients in food processing
  • Mass flux of particulate in continuous tablet forming process
  • Monitoring grain yield during harvesting

The SETXvue series of particulate mass flux meters measures the extinction of X-Rays caused by the solid particles at multiple stations. From the extinction measurements, the mass concentration and velocity of the particulate are estimated as they flow down a pipe or as they are conveyed over a belt. Typical accuracies of less than 2% are achieved using the SETXvue mass flux meters.

All of En’Urga’s products are custom-made. Please provide details in the Contact Form for any modifications of performance specifications, or any change in the physical configuration of the desired instrument. A description of your application is helpful.