The MRT400 temperature and emissivity sensor is used to measure temperature from surfaces. The MRT400 is available for a variety of temperature ranges from -60 degrees to 3000 degrees. The temperature and emissivity of the surface are provided at a frequency of up to 1000 Hz.

  • Simultaneous measurement of temperature and emissivity
  • Does not require emissivity input for accurate temperature estimation
  • Works equally well with colder and hotter surfaces
  • Factory calibrated with no user alignment or maintenance
  • Easy to aim visible laser head
  • Measures rail temperatures when mounted under a railway car
  • Temperatures of hot and molten metals
  • Glass furnace temperature monitoring
  • Temperature of tires and wagon wheels
  • Solar panel temperature measurements

The multi-wavelength temperature and emissivity sensor measures mid-infrared radiation at multiple wavelengths and uses a non-linear algorithm to obtain the temperature and emissivity of the surface.

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