The SETXvue tomography systems provide the mass concentration distribution of two phase flows. The two phase flows can be confided such as bubbly flows in pipes, or can be unconfined such as sprays from injectors and nozzles. The system is available in a wide range sizes and configurations to match the application. The technology was developed by En’Urga Inc. and a patent application is on file with the USPTO.

  • Suitable for quality control under production levels and in factory environments
  • Very low user maintenance and minimal user training required
  • Provides planar mass concentrations of solids and liquids at 1,000 Hz.
  • Mass concentration in dense sprays
  • Void fraction in bubbly flow
  • Soot concentrations in diesel particulate filters
  • Density variations in large scale plumes and fires

The SETXvue measures the extinction of X-Rays caused by the two phase materials at multiple view angles and projections. These measurements are deconvoluted using the Maximum Likelihood Estimation method to provide the local extinction coefficient. With calibration, the local extinction coefficient is converted to mass concentrations of the material of interest.

All of En’Urga’s products are custom-made. Please provide details in the Contact Form for any modifications of performance specifications, or any change in the physical configuration of the desired instrument. A description of your application is helpful.