The LS series of Thermal Linescan Cameras was developed by En’Urga Inc. and is marketed by our subsidiary, Spectraline Inc. The LS 200 is a mid-infrared line scan camera that is particularly suited for thermal imaging of fast- moving high- temperature objects. The LS 200 measures the total radiation emitted by the object in the mid-infrared range of 1.2 to 4.8 microns. With the dual- wavelength accessory, the image of the object can be captured at two separate wavelength bands. This enables the estimation of the temperature of the object, independent of its emissivity. US Patent number 6,355,930.

  • High speed: Frame rate of 400/1320 Hz
  • No moving optics
  • A wide selection of lenses for different object sizes
  • Thermoelectrically cooled for high reliability and zero maintenance
  • On-line production monitoring of plastics film for thickness and coating uniformity
  • On-line production monitoring of coated panels
  • Temperature mapping of fast moving objects
  • On-line production monitoring of metal extrusions, hot-rolled steel
  • Monitoring hot bearings of wheels in railway wagons
  • Thin Filament Pyrometry in flames

The Lead Selenide detector, used in the thermal line scan cameras detects radiation in the mid-infrared spectrum from 2 microns to 5 microns. The detecting elements experience a change in conductivity caused by incident radiation. This change in conductivity is converted to voltage readings for all pixels. After calibration, the voltages are converted to radiation intensities.

All of En’Urga’s products are custom-made. Please provide details in the Contact Form for any modifications of performance specifications, or any change in the physical configuration of the desired instrument. A description of your application is helpful.