Effervescent atomizers have two main characteristics. They use very little air for atomization (typically an Air to Liquid ratio of less than 5%) and have very low momentum. Very low drop sizes (sub- 10-microns) can be easily achieved with effervescent atomizers.

  • Insensitive to fluid properties
  • Small drop sizes with low air to liquid ratios
  • Thrust augmentation in aircraft engines
  • Fire suppression
  • Low VOC coating applicators

Effervescent atomizers have a bubbly flow at the exit of the atomizer. The bubbly flow is typically created by mixing air into the liquid through fine holes. The fully developed bubbly flow is then forced to exit out through a small orifice. The bubbles inside the flow explode when they come out of the nozzle. These explosions cause very fine atomization. Effervescent atomizers are also relatively insensitive to fluid properties. Therefore very high viscous fluids can be sprayed with very low atomizing air.

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