The AP series of optical patternator is designed specifically to find out the cone angle of sprays. It is a single-axis system with two layers of laser sheets spaced 10 mm apart and conforms to SAE J2715 spray characterization standards. US patent 6184989.

  • Measures spray angles in seconds
  • Suitable for measuring non-conical spray angles
  • Eliminates subjective measurement techniques
  • One time set up with minimal user training required
  • Characterizes most liquid and solid particulate sprays even at very high flow rates
  • Different sizes for sprays ranging from 1 inch to 10 inches

Quality audit of:

  • Fuel delivery nozzles for aeroengines
  • Automotive urea dosers
  • Paint nozzles and applicators
  • Agricultural nozzles used in various applications
  • Nebulizers, metered dose inhalers, and nasal sprays
  • Consumer aerosol dispensers for fragrances, cleaners, and insecticides
  • Industrial nozzles used in spray drying, washing, and scrubbing

Also used in windowed pressure chambers to obtain full patternation (spray pattern) information by rotating the nozzle a few times.

The AP series of optical patternator has 2 layers of laser sheets spaced 10 mm apart. There are two independent detectors analyzing the two cross sections of the spray as it intersects the two laser sheets. A comparison of the two cross sections reveals the spray angle or cone angle of the spray. The fast data acquisition rate of 10,000 Hz enables characterization of sub-millisecond sprays. When the system is used with opposing windows in a pressure chamber, the nozzle/injector can be rotated six times to obtain full patternation of the spray.

Accessories can be provided based on customer requirements.

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