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The SETscan patternator provides a full planar surface area density of liquid sprays. These are the most important parameter for combustion and spray drying applications since it is directly correlated to the local spray evaporation rate. The SETscan patternator is used both in research and development organizations to optimize the design of fuel injectors and spray nozzles as well as in the quality audit department. It is the only quantitative optical patternator in the market and is covered by US patent 6184989. The SETscan optical patternator comes in several sizes, four of which are shown below.

Up to 10 inch diameter spray
  • Aero Engine nozzles
  • Diesel injectors
  • Power Generation nozzles
  • Windshield wiper nozzles
Up to 6 inch diameter spray
  • Aero Engine nozzles
  • GDI injectors
  • Table coating nozzles
  • Paint nozzles
Up to 4 inch diameter spray
  • Urea dosers
  • Urea dosers
  • Pulse fuel injectors
  • Fuel evaporating nozzles
Up to 2 inch diameter spray
  • Stent coating nozzles
  • Mass Spectrometer nozzles
  • Small consumer spray nozzles
  • Inkjet printers

  • High spatial (up to 200 microns) and temporal (up to 100 microseconds) resolution
  • Easily operated by a technician with very low maintenance requirements
  • Work equally well with dilute (less than 0.5% obscuring) and dense (up to 98% obscuring) sprays
  • Works with solid and liquid particles with a size range of 30 nm to 2 mm
  • Reliable, accurate, and reproducible making it ideal for the quality audit of nozzles
  • Fully customized database solution for end-of-line nozzle testing providing a quick Return on Investment

Research and development and quality audit of:

  • Fuel delivery nozzles for aeroengines
  • Automotive fuel injectors and urea dosers
  • Paint nozzles and applicators
  • Agricultural nozzles used in various applications
  • Pharmaceutical coating of stents and tables
  • Nebulizers, metered dose inhalers, and nasal sprays
  • Consumer aerosol dispensers for fragrances, cleaners, and insecticides
  • Industrial nozzles used in spray drying, washing, and scrubbing

The OP series of optical patternators has six laser sheets and six array cameras. The patternator measures the light extinction across six view angles and multiple projections at each view angles. These measurements are deconvoluted to provide the local planar drop surface area per unit volume at a frequency of 10,000 Hz enabling an accurate high resolution image of the cross section of the spray.

All of En’Urga’s products can be customized for your applications. Please provide details in the contact form for any modification of the performance specification, or any change in the physical configuration of the desired instrument. A description of your application is helpful.