The ES series of spectrophotometers was developed by En’Urga Inc. and is marketed by our subsidiary, Spectraline Inc. The spectrometer is used for analysis of combustion by-products and for emission and temperature measurements. US Patent number 6,355,930..

  • No moving optical components
  • High spectral acquisition speed: 390/1320 Hz
  • Wide spectral range: 1.3 to 4.8 microns with a nominal 15 nm resolution
  • Fully aligned and calibrated to provide absolute radiometric intensities
  • In conjunction with the 2-D scanner provides hyperspectral images
  • Combustion research
  • Temperature, gas concentration, and soot volume fraction measurement in flames
  • Flame spread measurements
  • Solid surface/flame impingement studies
  • Emission tomography from large scale fires
  • Temperature and species measurements in gas turbine combustor
  • Turbine blade temperature measurement
  • Glass furnace temperature and emissivity monitoring
  • Molten and hot metal process monitoring

Radiation enters the inlet port of the spectrometer through a sapphire window mounted on the interface plate. The radiation then passes through a set of collimating mirrors before being dispersed by a pair of calcium fluoride prisms. The dispersed radiation is focused onto a PbSe array which converts the radiation into the current. A proprietary drive circuit converts these currents to voltages, amplifies them and sends them to the data acquisition board. The InfraSpec graphical user interface converts these voltages into spectral radiation intensities.

All of En’Urga’s products are custom-made. Please provide details in the Contact Form for any modifications of performance specifications, or any change in the physical configuration of the desired instrument. A description of your application is helpful.