About En'Urga


En'Urga Inc. celebrated its 15th year in 2009. En'Urga Inc. was started as a small business enterprise in West Lafayette , Indiana. We are located at the Business and Technology Center of the Purdue Research Foundation. The word "Urga" represents energy in the ancient Sanskrit language. En'Urga stands for environmentally friendly use of "Urga."


En'Urga's mission is to apply research findings in basic science and engineering towards the development of innovative products and processes that harmonizes the human spirit and technology.

En'Urga strives to provide exceptional service with the state of the art technology to meet our customers objectives. We understand that when a customer contracts with us, they have placed their trust in our service and knowledge. We take this trust seriously and we further this trust through our personalized service and our commitment to the customer.

Board of Directors

Yudaya Sivathanu - Technical Director
Dr. Sivathanu has a Ph. D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan. He has published over 100 journal and conference articles in the field of turbulent sprays, combustion, and optical diagnostics. In addition, he has presented numerous seminars and authored several research reports on combustion and optical diagnostics.

Jongmook Lim - Vice President for Applied Research
Dr. Lim has a Ph. D. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Purdue University. His interests are in radioactive heat transfer, statistical deconvolution, and chemical kinetics. Dr. Lim has an extensive list of publications.

Vinoo Narayanan - Vice President for Engineering
Mr. Narayanan has a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas. His interests are in vibration control and high-speed electronic circuits.