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En'Urga undertakes contract testing of nozzles or injectors and can measure drop sizes from 6 microns to 560 microns using a Malvern particle-sizer. The nozzles and injectors we test vary from very low flow rate pharmaceutical nozzles to high flow rate automotive injectors. Various parameters are obtained by drop size testing. They are listed below:

  • D[3,2] or D32, also known as Sauter Mean Diameter
  • D[4,3] or D43
  • D[0,0.1] or D01
  • D[0,0.5] or D05
  • D[0,0.9] or D09

The equation used to find the various diameters above is shown below:

The value of D is dependent on the theoretical model used in the software of the Malvern particle sizer.

Typically the model-independent calculation is used. The equation for the model-independent calculation is shown below.

Spray patternation (spray pattern) testing using our SETscan optical patternator is also recommended as a concurrent characterization method.

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