The following is a list of equipment that is available at En’Urga Inc. for contract testing. Contract testing of spray nozzles and different kind of combustion systems is our specialty.

Facilities available at En'Urga Inc.

1 Optical patternator (OP200, OP400, OP600, and OP1000) for spray quality audit
2 Malvern Spraytec for spray drop size distribution
3 SPIvel velocimeter for dilute spray velocity measurements
4 Spectraline ES200 for flame temperature and concentration measurements
5 X-Ray system for DPF soot concentrations measurements
6 X-Ray tomography for flame characterization in windowless combustors/td>
7 Electrical impedance tomography for multi-phase pipe flow characterization
8 Spectraline VS100 for high-speed radical concentration mapping
9 Scattering albedo measurement using lasers and detectors
10 Extinction tomography for soot concentrations measurements in exhaust pipe
11 Fan beam emission tomography for characterizing small-scale candle flames to large-scale pool fires
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